Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Loss of a Child

This has been an extremely difficult week for family friends who lost their 6-year old son to illness. Being parents of a young daughter, we can only imagine what our friends are going through. We are challenged by the fragility of human life, and how a child’s life can end prematurely, without reaping the promise of high potential. We are reminded never to take anything (especially our blessings) for granted. Everything lies in the hands of God – it is for Him to give but also for Him to take away. Loss is part of life. As much as we think we gain, we are actually losing, day by day, until we reach the end of our lives. The God who has introduced so many inexplicable mysteries into life has also provided the faith and strength (which is made perfect in weakness) to cope with what perhaps is the greatest challenge of all – parental grief. It is fitting to commit the trauma, and the multi-layered emotional cycle to prayer and intercession, and may we never cease until true comfort and normalcy return for the bereaved. Let us make sure that it is not going to be a lonely road of travel. The void in the family constellation that has been created by this precious child’s demise may never be filled according to secular understanding, but we take comfort in the fact that this sweet child is in a better place, a place that is free from strident pestilence, disease, malevolence, ill-will and evil. Soon enough, there will be a reunion for parents and siblings to look forward to.

“Now cracks a noble heart. Good night, sweet prince. And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.” (Hamlet, Act V, sc II)

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