Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Celebration of Parenthood

I must ask my readers to allow me a personal indulgence. The subject of this post is unlike the content in previous postings. But what inspired this piece was the birth of a child – our daughter, Ashley. She was born on 25 November this year, at 2130hrs. Our first, she is just over 2 weeks old. In preparation for the birth I read books, attended ante-natal classes with my wife, but when the birth of my child first greeted me, in the operating theatre, nothing in the preparatory work that I had done could have prepared me for the sight that greeted me. At 3.18kg she was magnificent, her disposition radiant and flush and her eyes, looking at her father and mother like two little black pearls. While carrying her, as I have grown accustomed to do, she will often look at me, and I at her, sometimes I sense she is trying to mimic my facial expressions. In slumber, she can be still and quiet, the epitome of serenity; or her eyes are closed but she may smile or frown, make sucking or chewing movements, and even whimper or twitch. This little infant is imbibing all that is around her, and she is interacting with us more and more each day. For all of my professional achievements, successes and disappointments of 2009, Ashley’s arrival affirmed in me my faith in God, and those who know us well would be aware that nothing short of divine intervention brought this little girl into our lives. As a family we never cease to give God all thanks for His goodness. We continue to look to Him to induct us into a life-long career of parental guidance and love.

As first-time parents we are naturally very anxious about too many things. Adjustments have to be made to scheduling, as well as time management. It may sound a cliché, but our lives will never be the same again. As a father, I feel a strong sense of absorption, preoccupation and interest in the child. The bonding experience started in the operating theatre, when I witnessed her birth, and her first cry.

It is my prayer and hope that those who aspire to parenthood will be granted their wish; for those who are expecting children, have a great journey and birth. For those who are already parents, I esteem your considerable efforts, and your sacrifice. We are most pleased to join your ranks.

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