Thursday, July 9, 2009

Compassion and Cohesion

How often do we exhibit these qualities - Compassion and Cohesion. Within the stressful rhythm of each work day, when there is constant pressure to ensure economic survival, and dare we say: growth/profits, do we pause and think about the unfortunate and disadvantaged? Should we not be grateful for our lives? We enjoy affluence, we live life abundantly (in palaces) - yet we wake up in the middle of the night, worried about the next day, the current month's performance and what our bosses think. We should ask ourselves: what have we done for someone less fortunate than ourselves today? I challenged myself with this question today. The truth was: not much. And that is embarassing. I promised myself and God that I should do better. On the subject of cohesion, do we make an attempt to reach out, to unify and forge ties with all of those whom we work with? The answer is plain: we gravitate and speak with those whom we want to speak with; those with whom we see synergy and identify common values. The result is, sadly, differentiation and polarization. And worst of all - our juniors see this in us, and learn how not to lead their lives, or worst - how to lead their lives! Follow the Boss! If we are unable to reach out and forge unity, because of the body politic, hubris and prejudice, not to mention the judgment of others - what hope is there for the larger society? From time to time I think this C&C reminder should be called for, and heeded.

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  1. Stanley I fully agree with your C & C
    I am very touched by what you wrote.

    I always remember what my dad told me : 1 student can afford to pay you $70/= an hour if you become his piano teacher, however, if you are school teacher within an hour 30 to 40 kids will benefit.

    Here I am teaching and training teachers which has multiple effect like he said.

    Why do I have to wait until he is gone and I am passed 60 then realize
    his 苦心 ?

    I over come the bitterness that he made me give up peruse LRSM in London in the 60s by asking myself everyday : what have you done that's good to others ?

    I won't give up helping at the AWWA school for children with learning disabilities, that's the place I will learn C & C


    kum mo